Strategic Plan


Vision:  To be a vibrant community based, self-sustaining club that delivers quality lifesaving services to the Raglan area and to the Waikato District

Mission:  To provide a highly capable and proficient surf lifesaving service with members and the community benefiting from club activities, patrols, sport, surf safety education and youth development

Strategic Alignment:  SLSNZ, SLSNR, Waikato District Council, Waikato Regional Council, Trust Waikato, Maori Organisations in Raglan, WEL Energy Trust, Gallagher Community Trust, Glenice and John Gallagher Foundation, Meridian Energy, Northern Lifeguard Services Trust, COGS, Raglan Lions and other Lions Clubs 

Oversight of Annual Plans:  The Board of the Directors and the Operational Committees

Key Goals:

  1. Planning/Administration and Policy Development – To develop a well administered club that operates via sound, robust planning, and financial systems, managed, and developed for the benefit of its members and the beach going community
  2. Lifesaving – To provide high quality lifesaving services and educational programmes for the Raglan community and for visitors to Raglan beaches
  3. Volunteer Management – To establish dynamic recruitment, education and retention programmes that meet the present and future requirements of the club
  4. Junior Surf/Surf Sports – To develop a community programme that provides opportunities for youth in the district to learn surf safety and surf sport skills
  5. Surf Sports – To re-introduce and maintain a surf sports programme for older members that attracts, motivates and develops member skills and enthusiasm through surf sports training and competition
  6. Finance and Revenue – To source and develop revenue streams that meet the requirements of annual budgets via sponsorship, grants, and donations and also to maintain well managed facilities for members and the community



These values guide the way the Club achieves its strategic direction and goals:

Teamwork – Family Focus – Service to the Community – Fun and Enjoyment – Openness – Commitment – Safe Environments – Effective Communication