Lifeguarding is the key purpose of our organisation and club. At Raglan we are always in the top 5 surf life saving clubs nationwide in terms of the number of rescues, first-aids and searches we conduct. We also perform more Preventative Actions than any other beach in New Zealand which shows just how active our lifeguards are and have to be to keep the beach safe.

In the 2020/21 summer season we performed:

  • 40 Rescues

  • 111 First-aids

  • 10 Searches

At Raglan we run four patrols in a rotating 4 weekly pattern, where a patrol will cover a whole weekend. We patrol from Labour Day in October to Easter Weekend in March / April. Below is an indication of our hours during these periods. Look out for red and yellow flags to confirm we are on the beach.

23-10-21 to 28-11-21 04-12-21 to 27-02-22 05-03-22 to 18-04-22
Saturday 1100-1700 1030-1800 1100-1700
Sunday 1100-1600 1030-1700 1100-1600

Typically we are first response for most marine emergencies while we are on patrol, with Raglan Coastguard not far behind. However in winter months we are on a call-out basis only.

Development Pathways

After Becoming a qualified lifeguard or patrol support there are many courses and development opportunities. All courses are paid by the club and / or sponsors.

First Aid

Surf Life Saving New Zealand has developed a specific curriculum for first aid training to ensure that surf lifeguards on patrol are trained and equipped to deal with potentially life threatening situations.

Below are the list of first aid courses lifeguards and patrol supports and partake in through the club

  • Surf First Aid
  • Advanced Surf First Aid
  • Pain Relief Module

Power Craft 

Power Craft like IRBs and RWCS (JetSki) play an essential part in keeping people safe on the water, before being in or operating this equipment lifeguards must go on courses to understand how to safely and effectively use them

  • IRB Crewpersons Module (14+)
  • IRB Drivers – Senior Lifeguard Award (16+)
  • RWC Drivers (20+)


Lifeguard Development

Whether setting up patrol areas or rescuing in heavy surf, every Lifeguard knows the powerful motivation of saving or protecting a life. It is a motivation that marks Surf Life Saving as more than just ‘something to do’ at the weekend.

There are a handful of courses lifeguards can do as seen below:

  • Board Rescue Module
  • Rock Training & Rescue Module
  • SurfCom Module


Leadership Programs

Surf Lifesaving New Zealand Provides courses and Camps designed to enhanced the leadership qualities of members, Raglan SLSC supports its members in stepping into leadership in not only the surf environment but in their communities

Below are the Camps and courses that are available:

  • Patrol Captains Course
  • Intermediate Lifeguard School
  • Advanced Lifeguard School
  • BP Leaders for Life



Are you a leader or enjoy teaching and developing people? Then this is a fantastic opportunity to become an Instructor or Examiner of our future Lifeguards in a huge range of development programmes.

  • Surf lifeguard Instructors
  • IRB Drivers Instructors
  • Rock Module Instructors
  • RWC Driver Instructors


To set the same quality and standard of lifeguards throughout New Zealand. Senior Lifeguards can be come examiners to help mentor and make sure all lifeguards are prepared with whatever situation the surf environment many throw at them

Below are a life of examiner courses and roles:

  • Surf Lifeguard Examiner
  • IRB Driver Examiner