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Becoming a Surf Lifeguard

Qualifying as a Surf Lifeguard

To be a qualified lifeguard you must be 14 years or older and pass your Surf Lifeguard Award exam. The exam comprises:

  • 400m pool swim in under 9 minutes
  • 200m run/200m swim/200m run in the surf
  • resuscitation test
  • tube rescue test
  • theory examination
  • practical surf knowledge test.

Each season active Surf Lifeguards must perform a refresher test. This includes a swim, resuscitation test and first aid questions. It is not designed to fail people but to ensure their fitness and knowledge is up to the required standard.

Benefits of Surf Life Saving Membership

Surf Life Saving offers a range of activities in a great environment. As a member of a club you are entitled to use the clubs facilities and appropriate equipment. Surf Life Saving also offers a range of awards, training and courses through your club or region to increase your skills and knowledge.

You are eligible as a surf lifeguard to compete in Surf Sports events and enjoy access to regular coaching programmes. Regions have representative teams and development squads are actively seeking new talent.

Membership Categories

  • Junior Surf (5-13 yrs of age)
  • Qualifying Active (14 yrs and over)
  • Active U19 (14 to 18 years)
  • Active Open (19 years and over)
  • Associate

*Age as at 30 September

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